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Do you want to have fun, build lifelong friendships and meet like-minded men from your community? If the answer to these questions is YES, then Round Table is the perfect place for you. At Round Table, we give 18-45-year-old men the chance to experience new things, make amazing new friendships, gain wonderful new experiences, and make a difference in their local community. ​Join 30,000 men around the world for lifelong friendships, unforgettable experiences, and the chance to make a difference to those around you.


What We Do

We Love Giving Back to Leigh on Sea
  • Leigh-on-Sea Santa Sleigh

    Every year, the Leigh-on-Sea Santa Sleigh, helped by the good people of Leigh-on-Sea Round Table visits many homes in Leigh-on-Sea. It brings smiles, and raises much needed funds for the local community. 

  • Leigh Lights

    Leigh Lights have been running for years in Leigh-on-Sea, and Leigh-on-Sea Round Table are proud to be part of it.


Our Members

Are all Legends!

The Chairman

He runs the show!


The social Eventer

Keeping the fun coming!